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This was my first time working with Conner.  He was a little unsure at first but loved it by the end!!  On average for me it takes an hour to two hours to massage a horse's entire body and worth every minute!!





I first saw Joshua at Art Paws in 2009... He was a little apprehensive at first then relaxed.  Now each time he comes to see me at Art Paws he is my best client because he jumps on the table and goes into a deep relaxation and lets me do whatever his body needs.  I'll admit he is one of my favorite Art Paw clients, we truly connect on an energetic level!  This picture was taken in 2010… as you can see he’s pretty happy!! I wish I had pictures of 2011 because you could see how  deep he also goes into a meditative state!!


Lakyo and Pearl both recieve Massage and Reiki in the comfort of their home, plus come and see me at Art Paws! Taken at Art Paws 2010



Below is one of my favorite mini horse clients I have ever had!  Her name was Princess Lilly and she was a very special horse and a wonderful champion!!  Uunfortunately, she passed away in 2006.  Thank you Lilly for the wonderful memories and thank you to her owner Kim and John.




Chewy recieving Reiki

Chewy LOVES Reiki!! 
Every time I go to his house he immediately jumps into my arms and settles himself in for a session.  As I began speaking with Brenda his owner about what issues to address my arms started getting tired so I sat on a bar stool, intending to go to the couch after our conversation.  However, you can see we ended up staying on the stool, he didn't care and either did Brenda (ok maybe she did).  Chewy had been watching his companion Angle, a black lab mix deteriorate for the last couple of weeks. I was scheduled  to go to the house for Reiki treatments for both Angle and Chewy but that morning Angle passed  away.  So Chewy was obviously very depressed and stayed in my lap for over an hour receiving Reiki.  When I was done he didn't want to get down. 
After many weeks Chewy started coming out of his depression and starting to act more like himself.  He continues to soak up the healing energy of Reiki every time I see him!!



I met Angel for the first time at Paws in the Park 2007.  She is completely blind and deaf.  Her awesome owners have taught her "touch commands".  By touching different parts of her body, using varied pressure and stokes, Angel has learned to differentiate between her owners commands. 


Nubby Puppy was enjoying her first massage.  She doesn't have an actual left front paw it's basically just a nub, but she gets around just fine. 2008 Art Paws 

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