My Story…

…is a beautiful tapestry woven with struggle, profound lessons, and resounding successes, all set against the backdrop of human-animal relationships.

Growing up in a small mountain town, I cherished the outdoors as my playground. I was the youngest of four children in a blended family with deep entrepreneurial roots. My parents, despite their many hardships, instilled in me the virtues of hard work and resilience, teaching me that every failure is a step closer to success.

In my formative years, academics proved to be a challenge. I often doubted my intelligence and self-worth. I yearned to be seen and heard for more than just my appearance, but too often, trust was betrayed, and boundaries were crossed.

I lived in the in-between, never fully fitting in yet finding a place everywhere. Nature and my bond with animals became my sanctuary, providing solace from a world that sometimes felt confusing and unaccepting.

From a young age, I was determined to prove myself as a capable female. This determination became my greatest asset, propelling me through school and life’s obstacles, driving me to strive constantly for self-improvement.

As I journeyed, I discovered my true calling in assisting others. Helping and empowering people became second nature, and I found purpose in protecting those who needed it, even when I hadn’t received the same protection myself.

After college, I embarked on a journey of exploration and seeking fulfillment in waitressing, river guiding, landscaping, and a brief office job. The desire to help people heal always took center stage in my thoughts. In 2000, I became a massage therapist for people, later adding animal massage in 2004.

With a blend of my intuitive touch, science, metaphysics, and somatics, I created a sacred space where clients released physical stress and let go of mental and emotional burdens.

For years, my life felt fulfilling as I witnessed people healing themselves. Then my inner voice grew louder I felt an urge to do more.

Over the years, I had both personal and business coaches who helped me see the power of my thoughts, actions, and reactions.

I added professional coaching to my services in 2018, realizing I could guide people toward positive, authentic changes in their lives.

In 2021, I achieved certification as a Mindpower Coach™, emphasizing the balance of mind, body, and spirit for a grateful and successful life.

Then, in 2022, I fulfilled a lifelong dream by combining my passion for helping people with the healing power of equines and became a certified Equine Gestaltist™.

My journey, filled with challenges and triumphs, has led me to a place where I can make a profound impact in people’s lives. I’ve learned that every step, every struggle, has been a part of my path toward becoming the person I am today—a dedicated warrior for the well-being of others.

Our Healing Herd

He became a part of my world when his caregiver of 19 years passed away, and her best friend began searching for his new forever home. In my quest for an equine partner, I sought a unique sign, one that would unmistakably confirm our connection—a gentle, affectionate LICK upon our first meeting. Such affection is not common from horses, especially when meeting strangers.

On the day I went to meet Avalon, my intention was to observe, with a firm commitment to saying NO to offering him a home. As I greeted everyone and learned about Avalon’s circumstances, I found myself holding his lead rope. Avalon took less than ten seconds to lick my hand, and he continued to do so throughout the entire day. On the outside, I was still holding onto my initial intention of not giving him a home. Yet, deep down, I knew I had found my equine partner. He had won my heart with his very first LICK!

Avalon is an exceptional equine, having served as both a trail horse and a therapy horse for his first human. He’s a gentle giant standing 16 hands, offering comfort and support with unwavering affection often expressed with his tongue and gentle nudging. He’s the kind of horse who shows up to work when the client is ready, intuitively sensing their pain and emotions.

He has a remarkable ability to connect with people, operating on an “I’ll touch you and do the work; you just stand there” principle, making clients feel truly special and valued. His presence is a catalyst for emotional release, helping clients let go of negative energy and find solace in his comfort.

Avalon’s journey has been one marked by resilience and adaptability. He has endured his fair share of challenges, including the profound grief of losing the human that raised him and then the instability of being moved between different boarding places. 

While learning to coexist within a herd, a new experience for him that often led to confrontations with him being on the losing side, and suffering a facial injury resulting in a fractured bone, a painful experience. 

His spirit and resolve were tested, and despite these trials, he has emerged from them all with a heart of gold and an unwavering desire to work with clients, offering them his unique form of healing and support.

       … He is waiting for you, are you ready?



Stitch, is the handsome and enchanting white horse who effortlessly captures the affections of all who encounter him, evoking nostalgic childhood dreams with his magical presence. Beyond his stunning exterior, Stitch is a skilled partner in the world of team roping, showcasing a perfect blend of strength and grace, and he’s all business when it comes to competition. 

Yet, what truly sets Stitch apart is not just his prowess in the arena but his distinctive and gentle disposition that weaves a sense of peacefulness into every interaction. He has a way of inserting himself into your heart, coaxing you for affection with an irresistible charm that is hard to resist—perhaps, a lot of coaxing!

Don’t be fooled by his serene exterior, for beneath it lies a playful spirit that quickly assesses boundaries and challenges you to demonstrate your resolve. Stitch’s curiosity is boundless, his sweetness infectious, and his demands for attention and cookies are, well – straight-up honest. He’ll keep you on your toes with his playful antics and remind you that every interaction is a delightful exploration of entertainment and adventure.

– He is a cherished companion and a reliable partner.