Mindpower coaching™

Mindpower is a robust coaching methodology that combines mental toughness and emotional resilience, conquering obstacles, weathering life’s storms, and 10x performance levels, which creates massive success in all areas of life. 


Master your Mental Toughness and Emotional Resilience

Develop unwavering strength of mind, face life’s challenges with resilience and adaptability, and navigate the ups and downs of life with grace and determination.

Learn to manage negative emotions effectively rather than letting them control you. Acknowledge and release these emotions while taking positive action, enabling you to move forward with purpose.

Remove Mental and Emotional Barriers

Identify and eliminate obstacles that hinder your personal growth, such as self-doubt, fear, negative thought patterns, and past events. By addressing and dismantling these barriers, you free yourself from constraints and take responsibility and control of your life.

Achieve High Performance in all areas of your life

10x your productivity, and create massive success habits. Break through your limitations and self-imposed constraints, tap into unrecognized potential, and excel in various aspects of life, whether in your career, relationships, or personal development.

Experience Mental Clarity and Develop a Life Plan

Achieve mental clarity and make decisions with confidence. Take massive action that propels you forward. Strategically navigate your path, ensuring each step aligns with your principles, passion, purpose, and BEG’s (Big Effing Goals), which leads to a clear roadmap for your personal and professional success.

Mindpowered Coaching Programs

3-Month Breakthrough

Private Mindpower Coaching Breakthrough & Life Plan

3 Total Months of Coaching


6-Month Breakthrough + Custom Coaching

Private Mindpower Coaching Breakthrough, Life Planning,

Customized Programming Based on Desired Outcome

6 Total Months of Coaching


12-Months Breakthrough + Custom Coaching

Private Mindpower Coaching Breakthrough, Life Plan, Customized Program Based on the Desired Outcome, VIP Exclusive Access

12 Total Months of Coaching

Step 1. Watch the video below.
Step 2. Make the decision to discover your Running Parachutes and commit to letting them go.
Step 3. Speak with me after watching the video, and let me show you how to do it.

At first I was skeptical of “Mindpower coaching” but after opening my mind to the opportunity and possibility of a fuller, more productive life, I found that Chelsea’s guidance through the process allowed me to focus in on my own vision for my life which in turn, unlocked my power within. Mindpower coaching was evolutionary and I can’t thank Chelsea enough for helping me recognize my potential.

Kinsey Avery, Nevada

Chelsea‘s coaching comes from a place of pure desire to help others. She is constantly listening to understand, ensuring her client, feels safe, seen, and heard. She is adept at finding the right questions to help her clients go deep within themselves, and then creatively work with them to find a clear knowing of themselves. I highly recommend her as a coach.

JennyMarie G. Kentucky

This lady rocks at her work. Chelsea allows people to be their true selves. She holds space for any emotion that comes up. Chelsea is an incredible coach.

Christie F, Wyoming