Work with Me -

Individually or in a group - With or Without the Horses

Individual Sessions

Without the horses:

Both Mindpower Coaching™ and Equine Gestalt Coaching™ take place within the familiarity of your own space through Zoom, delivering a dynamic and impactful experience that ensures new perspectives and profound life transformations.

With the horses:

Equine Gestalt Coaching™ sessions take place outdoors, amidst the sand, and alongside horses. This unique setting provides a powerful backdrop for self-discovery, delivering a transformative experience that combines nature, horses, and personal growth.

Group Sessions


Group sessions are one way to connect with others in a supportive, peaceful environment. 

That provides a space where you can fully embrace the collaboration available in this setting.

What you can expect:

Confidentiality – with acceptance of individuality and privacy.

Support – a willingness to listen to others and learn from one another’s experiences.

Connection  meaningful exchanges, contributing to personal and collective growth.

Borrowed benefit – from other’s shared experiences.

Awareness – of self and others on a deeper level.

Transformation – positive shifts in mindset and behavior.

Some sessions are held outside next to horses.

Some sessions are held indoors without horses.

Have a group in mind?  Contact me for details and to book a date.


In the workshops I host throughout the year, the emphasis is on personal empowerment and nurturing your inner voice. I cultivate an atmosphere that encourages individuals to tap into the person they aspire to become. 

When faced with overwhelm, stress, or a a loss of confidence, these workshops serve as a transformative space, providing inspiration and a renewed sense of direction. Participants leave with a fresh perspective on how to approach their goals with confidence and conviction.

My workshops are unique, lasting one or two days, and create BIG change in a person’s life.

Last workshop of 2023: 

December 16, 2023 – Look Back, Look Forward –

Half day workshop from 10:00 am – 4:00

Cost per person – $175.00


It’s a New Year, Be a New You

Closeout 2023 and light up 2024 with purpose and passion

10:00 am – 3:00 pm

$175.00 per person – space is limited to 8 people

Kudos | Accolades | Testimonials

From My Clients …

Oh my gosh, this woman is amazing! Her ability to create a sacred and safe space for our group allowed me to clarify an important piece of my life I had been struggling with. I am so thankful for her kind, supportive coaching!

Carolyn Stolzenfels, Michigan

If you are ready to discover the person you are meant to be, you will go to Chelsea. She has a gift of helping others discover their own gifts and getting them to be the best, most whole versions of themselves. She has great compassion and connection for every client she works with and will give them a “love nudge”, when they need it most to take them to the next steps in a more fulfilling life.

Amy A, Colorado

Chelsea is an amazing coach able to intuitively picks up on important aspects that encourage awareness of self and others. She is very calming and encouraging and connects with her clients so nicely! I have appreciated working with Chelsea. Thank you Chelsea.

Debra Lane, California