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The herd and I look forward to embarking on a transformational journey with you. ♥

Chelsea is a kind, compassionate coach, who helped me, embraced, truths about myself and assist me in giving myself some grace. She is competent and knowledgeable and an excellent coach.

Jennifer H, Washington

Chelsea is an amazing, insightful coach. She was able to get to the root of the matter with compassion and grace. If you’re looking for someone who is supportive, talented healer, Chelsea is a perfect fit.

Sonya Brown, Montana

Chelsea is an experienced equine gestalt test. She uses her intuition to get to the core of her clients’ trauma. She pays attention to the direction of her clients words, she observes body language; she listens to the emotions that come out, she puts all of this together to help her client come to a resolution. She is a wonderful coach with a horse for anyone who wants to work out their trauma.

Janice Haldi, Wyoming